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This is a page to keep you updated on what is being done with this site.

11\15\97 updated the Chaos Sinfonie website again. now the full From the Shores of Nightmare music disk is available online.
11\13\97 updated the dungeon, rorschach music, and maybe some other stuff, i forget...
10\7\97 updated the Choas Sinfonie website.
9\13\97 hey ya'll! it's been awhile, i've been busy with school starting and what not.. oodles of tweaking on the site the past week, but everytime i start uploading shit something happends... along with a
temple to sadness update, the results to this years "watcha like 'sides nin?" poll. hope the wait wasn't too long, i'll try to be more timely in the future!

very important, i've changed my e-mail forwarding to they offer mail forwarding for free, but don't suck like geocities. absolutly no more mail to my wave address, because i'm terminating that account. the tripod e-mail should still work, but i'm changing over to bigfoot now so there's plenty of time for people to change their address books.

8\26\97 Updated the dungeon FAQ to add some details about that Reper guy.

Tripod is moving their servers, you will be ablle to access the pages at a faster rate, with less errors and such. This should be finished Thursday morning.

8\17\97 well, i finally broke down and did it. there's frames here now! with thee better frame support of newer browsers, i found myself liking frames much more, and decided it couldn't hurt to add frames to this site.

i'm leaving for Idaho to visit some family soon, but when i get back you can expect even more new stuff coming from the pages of darkness.! be seeing you.

8\15\97 fixed the problem of i hate the hater not loading for MIE users. also added links
8\13\97 updated The Crow page, and updated the dungeon some.
8\10\97 this is a late night update, so don't be surprised.. added new shit to the music page. actually, it's old shit it slightly different format. good bye.
7\29\97 added instructions on how to use the dungeon if you don't have frames or a java capable browser.
7\27\97 added counters to my music page and the Sacred Ground comic. if you've already seen these pages, hit 'em again to be counted (actually, hit here if you've already read Sacred Ground). if you haven't, then what are you waiting for?!?
7\24\97 more playing with the index's layout. plus re-organized the links and added some more links.
7\22\97 Added some of my music some info about it here.
7\20\97 Yes, i am one busy mother fucker. i've just added a new Java based chat room, and a "Prisoner Roll Call", a guide to the users of the Dungeon. i've also been working on Mister Monster's homepage and the UnOfficial Chemlab Homepage. Both are cool websites, check 'em out!
7\16\97 Working on layout\design right now. more links too!
7\12\97 here we are on the new server at tripod! whoa-hoo! there's a bunch of updates scattered about, be sure to take a look around.
6\23\97 i've returned from Israel! i got back a couple days ago, but was having some problems with my ISP.. but now i'm back to work. i'm getting ready to move the site, and will be expanding it. there will be a new Dungeon later, a Marilyn Manson section on denial, guilt, and fear which will have some cool stuff.
6\7\97 i'm leaving for Israel tomorrow, and won't be back until late June. When i get back i'll be moving the site to in July i'll be registering with Tripod's premium membership, which will allow me more space to do stuff, including adding some of my own music. see ya'll when i get back!
5\31\97 updated THE CROW FAQ
5\25/97 Added some graphics to the nin page. also, i updated and enhanced the nin memebers discography. check it out.
5\17\97 hey, got my scanner working again, so i will be adding more graphics to the site. i hope to make an eye-pleasing site, while staying friendly to surfers with slow modems and\or low tech browsers. tonite i added some pictures to my homepage.
5\15\97 updated the nin members discography, and fixed a typo on the nin tour list. 5\10\97 some more nin changes. added another letter to "i hate the hater". Please do not send poetry submissions to me anymore! also, i have changed my e-mail address to the shorter "". my old e-mail address is still operational, in fact, it's the exact same account as the new one, but i would recommend using the new one, cause it's shorter and easier to rememer. Also, i now have a back-up e-mail address "". i don't check this very often, so only write to me here if my other server is malfunctioning. next, i updated The Crow FAQ. i think that's about it this time around. 5\9\97 updated some nin stuff, some stuff on my homepage, think that was about it...
4\30\97 some more links, some little notes here and there, and i changed the name of the poetry section, updates to the nin members discograpy (again).
4\24\97 the nin tour list, nin news, and nin members discography updated.

4\20\97 updates to the nin tour list and nin members discography. the nin tour listing is almost complete now, with few questions remaining. if you can help out, please do so.

4\16\97 i've been wiring the site. i'm trying to get stuff onto some webrings, so you'll see webring shit on here now. i also made a small update to the nin members discography.
4\14\97 updated nin news.
4\12\97 Updated the nin members discography, updated the nin news some more, think that was about it. 4\10\97 Updated the nin tour list thingie, the nin news, and the Crow FAQ.
4\7\97 Updated some stuff on the Crow site. thanks to Conrad.
4\6\97 updated Cielo Drive Graphics current events, and fixed "needles" and "Wrath of the Rose" on Atrocity Exhibition . Also, i;m changing some of the colors around.
4\3\97 Updated The Dungeon of the Damned (actually, i did this yesterday but didn't have time to update this file). It should now be as advanced as other such web chats. don't be expecting IRC quility, though.

Also, i added another poem to The Atrocity Exhibition . go read it.

4\2\97 nin news update.

3\25\97 Far too much has been updated to attempt to document it all right here. i'll just say that pretty much everything has been updated, and there's some nice new stuff to look at. This isn't quite as big of an update as i had planned, but i finished it in 1/3 of the time i had origenally planned. more updates will follow.

3\13\97 Updated the CROW FAQ again, and the nin news. also, i changed the linking on for the Dungeon of the Damned, so that people will have to go to the rules page before going to the dungeon. This doesn't mean that they'll actually read the rules, but they'll have to go to it first.

3\2\97 Updated the CROW FAQ, and the nicest parts of hell.

i have begun creating a reorganized version of The Pages of Darkness . new stuff will be added, annoying old crap will be canned, and the old cool stuff will be kept. please e-mail me your suggestions on what to do. The current pages will continue to be updated while i work on the new site, due out in 2 monthes.

2\27\97 Updated the nin members update (note the address change for the trent\nin discography), and updated the nin discography.
2\20\97 Updated the nin news again.
2\19\97 nin news updated and modifyed. also fixed the title of this page.
2\18\97 Changed the poetry submission address again. send 'em all to now. Also, i added some more poems. and i added some midi to denial, guilt, and fear , and updated the news.
2\15\97 Updated the nin members discography and the tourography.
2\10\97 Updated THE CROW FAQ, The James O' Barr checklist, the nine inch nails timeline, the nine inch nails members discography, and the nine inch nails tour list. Also, i removed the Ringfinger mirror and replaced it with a link to Deformography's site list, which does a better job than Ringfinger did in the first place.
2\6\97 Added the indy music reviews page, and changed the Java alert to a Java confirm on the index. (thanks to whoever it was who told me how to do that, you know who you are).
1\18\96 Repared the link to Cielo Drive Graphics, and updated the site to be more comprehensive. Updated the nin news on denial, guilt, and fear
1\13\96 Updates to denial, guilt, and fear . Changed the discographies, i've linked to the nine inch nails, Filter, and Charlie Clouser discographies, rather than trying to reproduce their work. This will hopefully make both those discographies more accurate, as well as the ones for the other nin members now that i will have more time to search for material. i added the information on AntiChrist Superstar to the remaining memebers, where applicable. i've also added another interview.
Later 1/11/97 i put the January nin\nothing records news page up and added a mirror to the Ringfinger site list.
1/11/97 The printer and cakewalk Pro are working again. The link from the index to this has been fixed, and i've added tour info to the nin site, some more poetry, and, most imortantly changed the poetry submissions address to enjoy!

1/5/97 i just got my computer back from being upgraded, and while now that i have a cyrix CPU, 32 megs of RAM, and a 1.2 gigibyte harddrive, a bunch of stuff isn't working anymore. The scanner is fucked, the printer won't even come on (yeah, it's plugged in), and i'm having trouble getting Cakewalk Pro to run delaying my demo-tape. So it may be awhile before any new artwork or graphics get added, and even longer before i add in some music.

And yes! there are updates coming! Watch for more poetry on Atrociy Exhibition, and some new information to be added to Cielo Drive Graphics in the next couple days! (maybe even today!)

Also, there's some problems with the chat room aparently. i don't run the chat server, so i don't know what's going on. This happens often, actually. Please bear with us while gets their server working.

An old update, but still valid There will never be frames added to this site (except to pages like the chatroom which require them), they are unreliable (one frame on a page may load, but another might not etc.) and drive me bonkers! Please don't ask for frames on the site anymore.

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