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group\performer's name: Provacative Elbow
Album reviewed: Dig Cassette only.
Music Style: [qouted from the band] "an eclectic mix of punk energy and speed, groove infested funk, and radio-friendly pop"
Contact info:

Thought Provoking Music
3018 South First Street # 314
Austin, TX 78704

512 - 326 - 8559

or e-mail 'em!

Here's their website

First of all, this was very professional sounding. These guys know how to play their insterments, and it sounds like they where recorded in a professional recording studio (i dunno if they actually where or not). The music is fast and intense, they don't stop for nothing! They've proven to be good song writers, though there's not a lot of origenality or experimentation within the music. The lyrics are interesting and not over done. No lyric sheet is included, but the vox are pretty understandable. If you're into hard fast rock, this one's for you!