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This is to someone very dear to all our hearts! We knew her in the Dungeon as Felaura. She really knew how to put on a Halloween / Masquerade party. Most importantly, she really knew how to be a friend to all. She always had the time to listen and make you feel the best when it seemed like the darkest times. We all know where you are right now because "What comes around, goes around." You always were able to make us laugh, giggle, smile, snicker, lol, rofl, and so on. We will never forget the great times outside on the swings, sitting on our tombs, having that "Penguin", climbing trees, and hanging from the branches. You were always here for us, and now we are here for you. The memories will live on and the good times will go on, and you will be right here with us the entire time. I believe I speak for all when I say "We Love You and Miss You!" No one will forget all the "Group Hugs and Kisses" we all shared together. You were always able to see those darn dots on the screen and pinpoint those "FLURBS." We are all one big family and always will be. Felaura, your memories will live on! Peace and God Bless!

As You Always Said,


P.S. A special thanks to Thadeus who helped me put this special page together. I couldn't have done it without you. Also, thank you everyone for the help and words of encouragement. I owe it all to my family in here and everyone who gave me the strength to write this.