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Here's some interviews i didn't see in Patterson's interview archive. More to come!

an interview just prior to Lolapalooza that also included Dave Naverro (of Jane's Addiction) and Paul Leary (of The Butthole Surfers). from Guitar World.
Lolapalooza era interview (1991), from MTV
an interview from a January '93 issue of Rolling stone
An interview just after TDS, from MTV
Live Magazine 1997 , rather lame interview. from Live Magazine.
Spin 1997 interview
NOTE i suggest downloading these and viewing them with a seperate program, as netscape's text file viewing sucks.

SPANK ME to go to the unofficial nin website's interview archive. SPANK ME to go to the unofficial nin website's other files archive, which includes some interviews. SPANK ME to get to the other nin homepage's interview archive. this is the Rolling Stones '97 interview with Trent, and is a very, very good interview!
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