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rorschach's Allies In Hell

Ash a cool guy from Spiral Chat

-Blind- this guy draws and stuff and likes electronic music. there's some art and a weird picture of him here, but not much else.

Brenden Simpson an imaginative fellow who likes to write. Under construction for now.

Craig\Thanatos i know this bastard in real life. his latter site doesn't work, but has some neat graphics. The former site works, though, the two only seem to be a little diffrent.

the girl from the the dungeon... not really much to look at here.

John Dewey nothing here really worth looking at.

LOgre2'3 this guy knows a lot of stuff about electronic music.... there's now some of his own music in .ra format.

Mister Monster Mister Monster is worthless and he can't read. but he's still my friend. He's one of the only people on this list i know in "real life". His site deals with Marilyn Manson.