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Music Links

16 Volt

Acumen Nation

Aphex Twin

Asylum Magazine

Audionet CD JukeBox listen to CDs in real audio... FREE


William S. Burroughs (may he rest in peace)

Cabaret Voltaire

Chemlab hey, i did some work on this site, check it out!


Coil at Brainwashed

Coil, out of light cometh darkness

Cop $hoot Cop

Digital Underground

Un-Official Einstürzende Neubauten site

Official Einstürzende Neubauten site


Scraping Foetus off the 'net

Semi-Official Foetus site

a french site about industrial music. has some cool RAs.

Gravity Kills

Grinder Records, home of Trust Obey and C17H19No3

Hate Dept.


The Industrial Page links to tons and tons of electronic bands. worth the visit.

Idiots Rule - Jane's Addiction.

the Isolation Tank

Atrocity Exhibition - Joy Division


KMFDM a fan page, not half bad!

LA Live, internet broadcasting show


Official Machines of Loving Grace homepage

Gardens of Grace a better Machines of Loving Grace site.

Church of the AntiChrist Superstar(said to be the official Marilyn Manson website)

Marilyn Manson's Misery Machine One of the better Manson sites

Airdick's Marilyn Manson site an up and coming Manson site. go here to get the self-titled promo and more.

Scabs, Guns, and Peanutbutter Yet another Marilyn Manson site, i'm helping out with this one, not too horrowshow yet...

Meat Beat Manifesto

Unofficial Ministry site (has this site been abandoned?)

Unofficial Ministry Site # 2 not much you won't find elsewhere, except for an mp3

Unofficial Ministry Site # 3 What i would consider to be the best Ministry site at this time. check 'er out!

Music Boulivard

Sanitarium Borderline, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Official Pigface Homepage


Pop Will Eat Itself

Re-Constriction Records

Revolting Cocks

Sister Machine Gun

Sister of Mercy

Skinny Puppy Real Audio Gallery clips from Skinny Puppy and SP side projects.

Skinny Puppy's Last Rights Page

Skinny Puppy Central

Sonic Boom

Stabbing Westward

Throbbing Gristle

Wax Trax and TVT records homepage