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Well, another change over in the Rogues has taken place. As before the Rogues is a list of all regular Dungenors, both Java and WWW. This list will be updated constantly as new wanderers succumb to the darkness. .If your info is outdated, and it WILL be....*LOL* or you are not here or you have some extranius complaint e-mail me (NMB) at
Also, visit The Dungeon Photo Album index which is a great place to see all of your favorite Dungeon Freaks all lined up in a pretty row. It's like the Sideshow tent at the circus, but you don't have to pay.
The Dungeoners with blue dots before their names have pictures in the Dungeon of the damned Photo Album. Click the dot and it will take you to the page that they are on.And any blue highlighted name will take you to that dungeoners homepage.

Adonai- God of the Godless

AlbertFish- No Longer with us.. I'm sure you all know this. Alot of people have alot of things to say about this, and a few of them are recorded here.

Alexi- oh....what to say about Alexi....besides the fact that she's among the coolest of the dungeon....and that you should definitly chat with her if you get a chance. She's 22 and from NY. She has this to say "Hmmm....well if you want to know anything about're gonna have to find out yourself!!!"

Absinthe- I cannot believe how cool this woman is...artist/killer poet/martial of my favourite people in the dungeon and a trusted friend.

Angel Eyes- Don't worry guys. It's me (\/)orbid. I thought I'd make a change to spice up my life.

Azhure female,24, long dark hair,a true bat lover.

Angelique - she's an angel. really. ask anyone who knows her. She's three scoops of super great with awesome poet sprinkles on top.

The Antichrist - The Darksunshoin

AngelAzrael - Rarr Purr

Animosity -

Anya- do NOT forget this girl on a dungeon list. People will nag and nag and remind you constantly until you put her on. Happy now everybody? Also she's from LA and has a really cool voice. (I'm told)

aslayer- turtle's little sis


Aurora Borealis- Swedish vampiress of multi-color. I am 19, 5'10" and weigh about 160 lbs, I have red hair at the moment, I am crazy, I admit that...

AVRIN- marletts puppet and love

Baphomet- 20 years old, lives in El Dorado, KS; brown hair, longer blue eyes; 6'1"; loves black; loves black death metal; classics such as Tesla, Van Halen;also loves to read; Clive Barker, Anne Rice, Stephen King

Battletweeter- male, dark blond hair, blue eyes?,5'11"play guitar, love real heavy music, thinks too much, friends that play AD&D say i have a personality of a insane dwarf, I'm in the airforce, tour is almost up then i will be a civialian, political party: conservative anarchist

Batwoman- There's nothing i can say that could ever sum up this woman. One of my first friends on the net, Bats is just the coolest person ive ever met. *L*

BettyBones/NecroNancy- 18 year old female from Michigan.


Breanna- champion of the dungeon pool chicken fight. Breanna looks like this. She's the one on the right.

Call2Glory- she's a valkyrie poet who doesn't know quite what she wants this page to say, but she knows that she's A)G-O-D of the pie, and B) the one with the bouncy ball.

Chrisom-Mara's lover and best friend in RL, she's a babe!


chloe- lady phaerydust......admirer of the velvet thorns.

choo- sometimes all it takes is a rodent to make you smile

The cLäW-she's a quiet 15 year old when you meet her. but remember, the eyes can be deceiving. she's a silly little devil . . . that's why her friends call her evil chylde! if you would wanna get with her, you'd have to go through hell . . . and a little extra stuff . . . . oh yea . . . . never get her mad!

Covax -

CTeeV- Never met this guy, but he looked so damned cool he's here anyways....*L*

Cabalha- Artist, witch, bane of small spiky mammals, and all round angel of darkness. loved by some, hated by others-and all in between. And ANOTHER fellow Irishman..*LOL* we're cloning, you know...

Callcy"I am a bit of a ladies man, and I enjoy fooling around. I come from Scotland and have a habit of whipping out the bagpipes and giving the room a chorus of Flower Of Scotland!! I have a habit of climbing onto the roof of the Dungeon and resting...." *s* Yet another celt in the Dungeon! *s* Not only that, but a nice guy too.


CyberGoth ~ Another Northern Irelander, and creator of the Cybergothic Nexus.

DarkDomain- name: DarkDomain Sex: male age: 486 years old computer girl friend: hopefully DominaGirl am the god of all the darkest domains was a battler for 200 hundred years I live in a Domain meaner then Hell it's self

Deathdealer-I have a helmet that shoots flames from the eye- sockets and a huge axe. I've been told i'm kind of a hot-head...but i'm Saggitarius, what do you expect?





Darkness-6'7" "bass player, good built, he enjoys chasing woman, woman chasing him, drinking, jamming and a good fight everynow and again."


Dumpster-I am 19/ male in college in boston,ma, guitar player, I make industrial metal music, uhhh just a sweetheart to those who deserve it...just ask CrimsonAngel or Darkrelm....

Dimitrii the Damned-


DARKkisss-18/f 5f6 116lbs. (kinda factual, ain't it? *L*)

demonite666- M/8'6"/420lbs/red/huge basically/foot long horns/long black hair down to middle of back/green glowing eyes/and a little pointy tail, big ass wings, and big black claws

DamianBach - I'm 5'11" 170 Brown hair, Xmas tree green eyes with an athletic built to me. I love 80's Metal and Type O Negative, and I consider myself to be a True Goth in many ways. Women beware: I can be very addictive !

Domina Girl- female, 24, lives in N.Y.C., height 5'5'', weight 115 lbs., black hair, hazel eyes likes punk, industrial and gothic music and she likes males to kiss her hand.


Dragon Lady- she has to be the coolest of the "new generation" of the Dungeon's damned. She's from England originally, transplanted in New Hampshire and she has a big dark green boat with a dragon painted on the side (hence the name "Dragon Lady")


Drynwhyl- Lord Phaerydust......Beautiful keeper of the Velvet Thorns

Ecstacy- used abused and mistreated. "Has large (average sized) breasts. C-cup. You judge. Also, 5'9" 115 lbs. Has skinny bones and redish-orange dyed hair. Finger paints, and plays the cello. And the rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Met her fella romantically at Disney World on the fourth or July. "

evil squirrel


Fetish Girl-



Fållen Angel

Fuzzbubble Hailing from Alaska.....she hasn't won any goth awards, but hell, who needs them? *L*




Gohan- The birth of a mischeivous dark furry all rolled up into one sweetheart of a guy.


Gothic Princess


Ghost ** - Female, 5'5" brown hair, green eyes, age? not tellin' ~smiles~ ever,..well, okay,.I am over 21, I live in Arizona, and I am a gothic ghost. Favorite colors, black, purple, and teal. Favorite drink, cappucino. Favorite food, anything spicy. Favorite music groups or songs, The mummers dance by Loreena McKennitt, Matchbox 20, anything goth or celtic.

Girl666-Rollerskating demon. The Girl in NMB's life,, and in "posession" of the coolest page....but then, i would say that.......

Grrrly - sex goddess in denial and self-appointed babysitter/den mommy of the www dungeon. a total sweetheart/bitch that will molest and nose to death anyone she decides is her friend and rip apart anyone she decides is not. nose her back, sign her guestbook, and tell her how much she fucking rocks (and she does) and she will love you for life. harrass, piss off, annoy, torment or threaten her and hers, and she will rip you a new one. And there's a picture of me right here.

Hydrogen-Y - Idiot with a remote controlled peanut powered rats brain. From England. Long hair. Daft as they come. Sings in a book and writes bands. IgnissSmall girl living wrapped up in constant thoughts and rhymes seeking for more the cold North. Though only 17- has experienced ( too) many setbacks leading to a lot of questioning of this existance. However- there are no short cuts to the soul's purification...

ice 'n' fire

Iliessa- Scottish by ancestry , Blood Angel by curse . 5'9" tall , Red hair and ice blue eyes . As fierce as she is loyal , I challange you to pick a fight with those she holds dear her own words " you'll be dead before you hit the ground "

Illude- 5'10" 175-90...yeah it flucuates from time to time, but I'm pretty muscular. Grows flowers on Kaua'i. Enjoys music such as: And Also the Trees, Trial of the Bow, most ethereal gothic stuff-Projekt label, Bedazzled label, early 4AD...Clan of Xymox, This Mortal Coil... Tan...cause I'm a 24 hr. kind of guy, so I get lots of sunshine! Writes poetry and short story...gets depressed...relates to folks inside the Dungeon. Likes feminine women..especially fond of petite types...dark hair and eyes..."I'm surrounded by it here!" Believes in majik and angels and spiritual guides and most of all friends!

Iron Man- I am a drum playing psycho, and I am the father of Darkness. 'I am who am. Yawah.' And if you want my help, don't expect it. I am for no one, but don't cross me.

Jester"live love and TOIL with a no faith in time, for the clock may soon be still."


K- the ghost of Kurt Cobain, hobbies include: painting,making macaroni mobiles,writng bad poetry and feeding my seahorses

kissa- it's Finnish for kitten you know? She luvs kats


Killer on the road- likes cars and sex...apparently...*L* well, we've all gotta have a hobby...



kuru- 20/male/blond hair/green eyes/Ottawa,Canada



Lady of Shalott aka Spirit

Lady Hell Pheonix-

LittleOneClaudia-23/F/br/br/5'9"/160lbs/ loves vampires and the like. Loves to camp, fish, hunt, shoot, hike, read, write, and take walks. Is a very good listener so if you ever want to talk im most likely in the JAVA Dungeon. So come on in and look for me i am everyone's friend. ~LOL~

Latex Goth Girl- (Used to be 1. Lady Burgundy, but that was far too pretentious....2. Nineveh....tried gender bending, and didn't succeed....3. QueenoftheRyche...was asked too many times if "Ryche" was a Nazi thing), and decided to be herself. She's 5'2", black hair (was burgundy...*shrug*), 107 lbs....tres player, gothic/industrial/techno lover.....been a Dungeon inhabitant since May 97. LeeAnn- the UN-gothic chatter of the dungeon. The preppy of the bunch. An all-round good person to chat to. A Harrison Ford lover too!

Lestat's Girl- She's got the BEST taste in music.

Lilith Lili

£ord £egion- favorite beer: Molson Ice

Lyllyth"gorgeous 18 year old child of darkness who resides upon the edges of evening shadows. Loved by all and feared only by those who don't understand.........."

LedZeppelin"I'm High Commander of Fidel Casserole's Zeppelin fleet,watch out!"



Magenta-Queen of Cyber Tackels!!



Mara- The girl with many names...Queen of blow-pops and bubbles. :)= And my favourite person to argue with...*L*

Masque- One of the longest running Dungeon Dwellers. NEVER mess with this Lady, she can look after herself, thank you very much. Check out her amazing homepage, right here.

Merlin- A really honourable guy, with a cool homepage, and great taste in magic.

Mickey the Bass

mina- Rorschach's gal in the Dungeon.

mo- f age:14 brown hair blue eyes


Morbain- 5 f. 3 in. blue eyes; blonde/brown/red hair loves black and dark corners. Be careful!

Moonspell-I am an 18 year old male that lives in KY (redneck capitol), light brown hair blue eyes. My favorite music is Moonspell, Cradle of Filth, Iced Earth, Arcturus, Amorphis and others in the same vein.

munn- mina's Sis....mine too.


None More Black Yeah, it's me. Um. I own this place.I cant think of anything to put up for my description, so answers on a postcard please...

natchrabe- 24/m/178lbs/5´10/black hair/one eye blue, other green-olive. I'm at, plays the t-bone, only gothic rude boy.

new blood-

Nevermore- "Quoth the Raven....."


Nikki-doll- 5'3" , American Indian, long straight black hair, black eyes,The ultimate goth-hippiechick-jerrybear-ston-O-ramma babe, pretentious wit, wrapped in a blanket of heavenly beauty, topped with a sugar coating of attitude.

nonemorepale- Pale fleshed gothik woman from California..OneBloodyTear Fellow lost soul, and a poet too. I'm in good company...*s*


OpHeLiA GoTh Quite insane Irish Goth girl witha GREAT taste in art and music..see? i TOLD you the Irish have great taste..*L*

()r@cle- I am the Lord of Maddness...i am a large green ball/no eyes/short stubby arms/14" tongue/Enjoys convincing others of the Lack of Reality, fighting with diehard Christians, and turning people into a variety of fruits and vegetables.

()r@cle's girl- 23, 5'3", 140 pounds, have light brown hair, and brown eyes. I come in often as (og) with my real-life husband ()r@cle. I enjoy talking with people, reading, writing, and I love my husband and animals!:)

Osiris aka Sidhe- the Fundamenatlist and Doors fan. He's cool.

Phenylalanine- Don't ask her what it means. So sweet and docile and polite that she simply must be a terrorist.

PanicZzButton- one cool kat. Stay on his good side or he'll press the button....


pd kitty-


þõêt- I try.

Phreaxboy- Sex: Ambiguous, probably female; Sexuality: Bi sexual; Music: Punk, metal, gothic, thrash, industrial hardcore metal; Sense of humor: warped; Instrument: Guitar; Band: PhreaX; Other half: Cati; Spelling: v.bad

Princess Bodhan

Q- I can't believe this page has gone for so long without Q. He's the goods. Fet's gonna add some more about him later...till then, you'll have to trust me that he's up to par.

Queen Krishna- concoctor of cantankerous schemes, and dreamer of delightful dreams. She's got this big top secret plan in the works right now to----ooops. I almost forgot. It's TOP I can't tell you. The Queen says "i am the QUEEN of this world, i come from planet Eskimo and own 1,000,674 purple sheeps and YES!, i DO smoke human bones."

RAK- the resident MaLKAviaN, runs ThE AsyluM, The Insaniac Chatroom, and ThE RinG OF InsanitY."MEAT!!!!"

RavenChild- she's a pal, and has great taste in music. I'm also told she is VERY beautful. natchrabe says this about her: "1)She is really really cool; 2)Also a photographer 3)sings in a ska band 4)takes cares of Oi! a ruddie dragon 5)She is one of my best friends, she tells the truth always 6)Loves Ani Di FRanco 7)She is really really cool.




Rorschach- Ever modest founder of the dungeon. likes A Clock Work Orange a little too much.



Shade- a traveler of darkness, a vampire, who has left her clan, and is now searching for her soul. She's 5'8" long redish-brown hair, with hazel eyes, and 25 years old, in human terms.





Saint- new zealand rocks!!! to live to surf....always chargin life to the fullest ....keep smiling everyone!!:)~


Slasher- "The Master of the Kill."


Space Cowboy-




Solstice- 27 year old pagan/goth girl from california.


Transcendental Magic- One of the entities of the ever expanding population of Ozzy's in the Dungeon. Can usually be found residing in his room (or temple as he likes to call it) sitting on the floor, before the central altar, reading a book on occultism, having cheese flavored corn chips and a bottle of Coke-a-cola on standby (within arms reach), bobbing to happy hardcore or jungle, and maneuvering one of his various ninja weapons (usually the Sai) in the hand.

Tickle Me Hellmo- 19/male/6'4'/big brown eyes/no hair/ good taste in beer/ likes punk, Oi!, ska, rocksteady, girls, and fighting. and will tell you his real name if he really likes you....

thadeus - name: Matt; sex: yes please; age:16, (much too old to be this damn young); hair: growing'll be a 'fro soon; eyes: brown ones hidden behind corrective lenses; height: 6'1"; weight:150 lbs; beatnik poet-type. I can carry a pretty good conversation about pretty much anything. Try me. I look like Micheal Stipe...or so I'm judge for yourself by clicking here.

thegirl (Sarah)- "the most beautiful gal in the Dungeon."



turtle- Rorschachs tres cool beat friend who digs beat poetry and counting crows and "boy can she write!".

Trbovic- "Cool Striker- Lonely, net's hottest surfer. Real name; Philip Andrew Trbovic III, Not called Philip. Doesn't have a girlfriend. Anyone who wants to talk e-mail me at;"



Ve£vet e¥e§ F/24/127/5'6/ waistlength black hair/ blue violet eyes/ Cali. Can be your best friend or your worst nightmare....AND she's had more name changes than a paranoid secret agent..*L*

VE/\/US-- Queen of Vampires and Goddess of Immortal Love

Vixen- "One hell of a dancer," apparently!

Vladdy- Avocados are our Friends... and we need to learn to appreciate them as the individuals that they are!

Warrior- male/17/dark hair and eyes/5'10" Also: 'master' of Divius, my wolf when i say 'master' doesn't mean I can control him great pet though...... I am into vampyres and vampielles love magic....and draw alot.... very nice guy... ask the women..they know..*laughing*... big fan of Type O Negative



Wormy- The collest worm on the face of this planet. Shes cool, shes punk, shes a worm! *hugs* Check out her page!


WeirdGuy- keeps on dancing

wtf- it don't get much cooler.


yabree- Name: andrew gill; age:21; location: Sandy Ago, CA; male. And he plays real hockey!! (And looks like Keanu Reeves or Ernie Reyes Jr. depending on how you look at him)

ZimbabweKing- Have you ever looked up wierd in the dictionary? Well talk to Zim for a bit, and you won't have to.


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